Haim Saban, original creator of the Power Rangers, has just bought the franchise back from Disney for what sources report to be about $100 million.

The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers took over the airwaves of kids’ tv back in 1993.  Over the years, there have been several incarnations of the show.  Overall, the show has had 17 different seasons, 15 different series and 2 theatrical films.  The last series, Power Rangers BPM, aired its last episode on December 26, 2009 and the franchise has been dormant until now.

Saban plans to take the series to Nickelodeon to start an 18th season with 20 new episodes.  It also sounds like Nickelodeon will have the ability to air from the show’s existing library (of around 700 episodes).

(Editor’s note:)
Personally, I think Disney made a bad move when they bought the franchise back in 2001 and couldn’t be more happy to see them let it go.