Zokkomon is one of 3 new DVDs that were released by Disney Home Video on July 26th under the new “Disney World Cinema” label.

Remember, as with the previous Disney World Cinema DVDs that were released on the same date, this is Indian cinema and it’s presented in the original Hindi, so be sure to turn English subtitles on.

Zokkomon’s the story of Kunal, an orphan who lost his parents three years ago and is sent away from the school he attends (where he’s happy and fits in) to the village where his uncle Deshraj (his legal guardian) lives.

Deshraj and his cohorts (mostly “teachers”) are the source of corruption and greed in an otherwise peaceful, innocent, and extremely naive village.

Without giving away the whole movie here I’ll go on to say that through several turns of events Kunal gets separated from the village, makes a new friend in Kittu and finds his way back.  He also meets a hermit who lives in a house at the end of a village that everyone believes is haunted.  They form a bond and Kunal calls him “Magic Uncle” (magic because he is a scientist).

Zokkomon was created by “Magic Uncle” and Kunal as a way of getting back at the corruption in the village while opening the eyes of the villagers to the wrong that had been done to them by these men.

Overall, the story was decent and managed to keep my interest.
I had no idea until writing up this review that Anupam Kher played both the roles of Deshraj and “Magic Uncle”.  A bit symbolic since he plays good and bad “Uncles”!

There was also a nice tribute to Disney/Pixar in the opening scene of the film where Kunal was sitting outside against a building of his original school reading an “Incredibles” comic book.
Zokkomon has a PG rating with a run time of 90 minutes and I would say it’s suitable for kids at least 8 years and older.

Zokkomon is an action packed adventure of an ordinary boy who rises from despair to meet extraordinary challenges. Kunal an orphaned boy, discovers how cruel life is when he is abandoned by his heartless uncle. Left to fend for himself, Kunal soon realizes the hero within and begins his epic journey of adventure and transformation to become Zokkomon. Zokkomon will soar into the hearts and lives of audiences everywhere, to take his place alongside the world’s most beloved heroes.