Now available on Blu-ray & DVD is Disney and ImageMovers Digital’s “Mars Needs Moms”.

This is a story about a boy named Milo and what happened when he got his wish to not have a Mom.  In a nutshell, Dad’s away on business and can’t get back home.  Mom and Milo have your typical parent knows best / kid thinks they know what’s best fight and it ends up with Milo getting sent to his room after not finishing dinner that evening.  Mom comes in to check on Milo later and (still angry at his Mother) he says to her that he wishes he didn’t have a Mom.  Hurt by what her Son just told her, Mom leaves his bedroom and Milo drifts off to sleep.
Milo wakes up feeling bad about what he had said and walks down to his Mother’s bedroom to apologize, but it’s too late.  Mom’s been abducted by aliens from Mars!  Milo runs after her and ends up getting caught up in the ship’s landing gear and eventually, inside the ship itself.  What ensues is a hilarious and touching adventure about Milo’s attempt to save his mother and get back home.

Along the way he makes some interesting and colorful friends and finds out just who the “bad guys” really are and what they want with his Mother.

The film didn’t do very well at the box office and my first feeling is that I thought this wouldn’t be very good, but I was wrong!  Seth Green does a wonderful job playing the role of Milo and (since this is CG) does all the physical acting of his 9 year old on-screen counterpart.  Seth had originally done all the voice acting as well and the plan was to alter his voice to make it sound like that of a nine year old boy but I guess they weren’t happy with the end result and brought in Seth Dusky to provide the voice of Milo, and he really does a great job at his character.

Joan Cusack plays Milo’s Mom and she just has that “Mom voice”.  Dan Fogler plays Gribble (whom Milo meets after he gets to Mars) and Gribble is one of the few characters in the movie who really looks like the actor who portrays him.  Elisabeth Harnois plays Ki and is one of the only Martians who actually knows some English, although it’s comical because it came from what appears to be a period sitcom set in the sixties!  Mindy Sterling plays the evil Martian Supervisor, and although she only speaks Martian, she plays the part well.  Mindy and Seth have worked together before on the Austin Powers movies and there were times when the Martian Supervisor shouted out commands to her troops that I swear I was hearing Frau Farbissina only she was just speaking Martian!

The behind the scenes extras were good, and it was neat to watch all the actors in their motion-capture suits and helmets doing physical acting on “virtual” set pieces that would later become all-CG in the film.  Also fun to watch in the extras were Seth Green’s on-set antics.  He really IS a creative guy and it’s funny to see what that man does when he gets “bored” and wants to have some fun!

Reviews really are a mixed bag and you’ll hear people say both good and bad about this film, but I thought it was good and so did those (including my eight year old son) who watched it with me.