Ain’t no party like a T-Rex party ’cause a T-Rex party don’t stop!

Toy Story’s Rex is the latest character to get his very own animated short with the upcoming “Partysaurus Rex” which will debut before the limited theatrical release of next month’s Finding Nemo 3D.

When Rex finds himself left behind in the bathroom, he puts his limbs to use by getting a bath going for a bunch of new toy friends. 

Bonnie enjoying bath time with her toys. Anyone else notice a nod to a character from another Pixar movie in this bathroom?

This marks the third animated short featuring the Toy Story characters (with Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry being the other two).

“He’s sick of being the angel of goodness and sensibleness and caution and fear,” voice actor Wallace Shawn said. “Rex wants to stand on the side of pleasure and happiness and joy.”

The animated short also features music from electronic music artist, BT.  While BT was working on the score, he had this to say “I’m in the middle of scoring a film for Pixar right now.  It’s a short for Toy Story and I’m not allowed to say the whole story, but quite literally, it’s like a Toy Story rave – and I’m actually not kidding either.  The toys get into all these shenanigans and it’s like pounding club music.  So it’s really not very Pixar, but in a really hysterical way, everyone laughs really hard when they see it.”

Check out this clip from Partysaurus Rex below!