nphIf you’ve been on California Screamin’ over at Disney California Adventure anytime since last Friday you may have noticed the opening and closing spiel on it has changed.  If you thought that voice sounded familiar, you were right.  That’s Neil Patrick Harris you heard doing the voiceover.  If you correctly identified NPH I’d say you get bonus points, but anyone that knows him as Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother on CBS) or might have seen his guest appearance in an episode of Glee (on Fox) last season would know that voice anywhere!

As part of the additions and changed that have been going on on over at DCA, the Disney Imagineers decided to have Harris (who’s a big Disney fan) lay down the voiceover tracks for the ride’s opening and closing.  The previous ones sounded a bit “surfer dude-ish” to anyone who’s been on the ride.

This now makes the fourth change to the roller coaster in the last year or so.  First, the giant mouse ears were removed from the backdrop of the coaster’s loop.  Then it got a fresh coat of blue paint  a couple of months ago.  And then, it became part of the “TRON interruptus” part of the World of Color’s closing a week ago with all kinds of new lighting and laser projections onto it as a backdrop to the WOC show.

Check out the YouTube video and tell us what you think of the change in the comments section below.