Seems to be the week for lawsuits against Disney…

The latest comes to us from Anaheim where Imane Boudlal, who works at the Storytellers restaurant at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, is expected to announce in a press conference this afternoon that she’s filing a discrimination suit against the mouse.

Boudlal says that her employer will not allow her to wear her hijab on the job and that they have sent her home from work three times already when she did.  She will attempt to wear it to work again today and is expecting to be sent home again for doing so.

Boudlal recently gained her citizenship in June and is challenging her constitutional right to freedom of religion.

This seems to be one of those fine lines between constitution vs. employer rules and policies (like dress code).  Anyone who’s been to a Disney park (or worked at one) knows that Disney maintains some fairly strict guidelines on cast member uniforms and attire.  This is nothing new, nor should it be anything that should be blamed on Disney.

Employers all over the country have dress policies in place, and usually for good reason.  When it comes to a company that’s known for public image/appearance like Disney, can you really blame them for this?


I did my research and managed to dig up a copy of the Castmember’s Guide called “The Disney Look”
This covers Disney guidelines on appearance, grooming, costumes and accessories (like hair, jewelry, etc…)
This is current information (still up on Disney’s career/internship info site).

Here’s a few excerpts from it.  It definitely makes for an interesting read.

Medical Restrictions/Religious Accommodation Requests

Requests for an exception to the Disney Look policy for medical reasons must be
presented to the Health Services Department with supporting medical documentation.

· A copy of the request and medical information will be retained at Health Services.
· A statement of approved restrictions will be issued at Health Services to be
delivered to your manager.

Any request for an exception to the Disney Look policy for religious beliefs or questions
regarding the accommodation of medical restrictions or religious beliefs must be directed
to the Cast Image and Appearance office or your Human Resources Representative.



Following are the Disney Look guidelines for hairstyles:

· Hostesses should keep their hair neatly combed and arranged in a classic, easy-to maintain
style. Extreme styles are not permitted.

· Hair below shoulder length should be confined if it falls forward over the face while

· Conservative braided hairstyles without beads or ornamentation are permitted.

· Hair products may be used to create a soft, natural hairstyle within these guidelines.

· Shaving of the head or any portion of the head or eyebrows is not permitted.

· Appropriate hair confinement should be used in food service areas where required by

· Artificial hair is permitted if it looks natural and meets all of the above requirements.

Hair Coloring

The Disney Look does not permit extremes in dyeing, bleaching or coloring. If the hair
color is changed, it must be natural looking, well maintained and appropriate to your skin
tone. Subtle highlighting or frosting is permitted as long as it creates a uniform look over
the whole head and meets all of the previously listed guidelines.


What do you think?