If you missed out on San Diego Comic-con this year (or the news that came out of the con) Marvel made some pretty big movie announcements during the Iron Man 3 panel.  One of these announcements was that they would be doing a feature film with their Guardians of the Galaxy characters (something that was suspected and leaked well before the con).

If you’re like me, maybe you never heard of the Guardians before the big announcement, but Marvel’s making sure that everyone does before the film’s release.  More on that in a moment…

Getting back on topic, word has it that Chris McCoy has been hired to take over what Nicole Perlman (from the disbanded former Marvel writing program) turned in and take over on the script.  Not sure if what Perlman turned in was an actual draft for the script or just a treatment, so it’s unknown how much work McCoy has cut out for him.  Nevertheless, he better make it good.  McCoy’s on a “blacklist” of sorts in that he’s written scripts for at least three other films that never ended up getting made.  But you gotta get a break somewhere, right?

Given the fact that a lot of folks never heard of the Guardians before last month, some could say that Marvel’s taking a pretty big gamble bringing them to the big screen.  However, I for one believe this is going to be a great move on Marvel’s part and will turn the Guardians into household names for fanboys and sci-fi action movie junkies alike.

The Guardians tie into Marvel’s “Cinematic Universe” nicely and will be part of the “Phase 2” roll-out of the M.C.U.  Phase 1 started with the first Iron Man movie in 2008 and wrapped with 2012’s The Avengers.  The Guardians consist of Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora. Think of them as The Avengers in outer space.  Drax is the whole reason (my opinion) that they will tie in to the M.C.U. Phase 1 (specifically the Avengers flick) as he’s a former human that was resurrected specifically for the purpose of destroying Thanos.  For the few of you who haven’t seen The Avengers yet, Thanos is the super-villain that was teased after the closing of The Avengers, and was the real power behind Loki’s scheme to take over Midgard (Earth).

The Guardians have very recently shown up in one of this season’s episodes of Disney XD’s The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes  (in the episode “Michael Korvac”) and also in the recent video game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3  (Rocket Racoon did anyway).  So, Marvel’s getting the characters and awareness out there bit by bit.  They’ve still got 2 years to work on further immersion with the Guardians so that by the time the film comes out, plenty of people will be familiar with these characters and their story and will want to see the movie.