The eagerly awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Collection that was previously delayed is once again available for pre-order.

The 10-disc, all Blu-ray collector’s set, complete with Nick Fury briefcase and Tesseract cube had to be delayed back in September due to a German luggage manufacturer’s legal dispute with Disney over the packaging.  Pre-orders were supposed to be already open again over at but it looks like someone forgot to update the page with that info. is my choice on were to pick it up if you really want it.  They always seem to open up pre-orders fairly early on video releases and are still actively taking them now for this release.  Click here if you want to get it over at Amazon.

In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing that this got delayed because now they’ve added new material to the bonus disc  including an exclusive inside look at Iron Man 3 and other films in the upcoming Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There really wasn’t that much of a change to the briefcase that houses the collection.  They removed the indented horizontal lines from the design of the case, but it still resembles its movie counterpart enough to work out.

For more details on what’s in the set, and for full images of the beautiful artwork that Matthew Ferguson did for the case sleeves, click here to see our post for the set as it was originally presented back in July.