Ever wonder what goes on when cartoon actors flub a line or try to get that “just right” improvisation for a scene?  Well, it looks like the cameras were still rolling during the filming of Disney’s “The Lion King” and this hilarious “outtake reel” (I’m betting it will be on the 3D Blu-ray release on October 4th) has made its way to the interwebs!

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Due to a copyright violation by whoever posted it, Disney pulled the video the same day it was posted.  However, I’m fairly certain this should be something we expect on October’s Blu-ray release.

The voice actors have recorded new dialog for the video and there’s a lot of “run on” humor as we keep going back to clips from the same scene (I’m talking about you James Earl Jones).

The Lion King will also be back in theaters in 3D for two weeks only starting September 16th!