Hayley Kiyoko (from Disney Channel’s latest musical “Lemonade Mouth”) along with choreographer Chris Dupre and some backup recently took on an Apple Store in some “on the spot” flash mob action.  They sang (well, probably lip-synched) and danced to the song “Determinate” from the musical Lemonade Mouth.

For those of you who don’t know what a flash mob is, it goes like this…

A bunch of people get together and pre-organize a song and dance bit.  Said “mob” of peeps then gets together in a public spot and then “flash”es into action breaking out into song and dance.  If you do it right usually it starts with one person followed shortly by a second and then small groups start joining in a bit at a time.  The point is to take something that looks “everyday normal” like a bunch of people in a public place and turn it into something that looks spontaneous (even though it’s really not) and see how the crowd reacts.

Sadly, none of the crowd in the Apple Store broke out into song and dance themselves but there were some surprised looks on their faces.

What’s your take on flash mob tactics to promote or market something?
Really cool or just plain annoying?