For anybody who might not already know about this, there’s a ton of “viral marketing” surrounding December’s upcoming “Tron Legacy”.  I received the latest reward from this in my mail last week (see above pic).  I have a feeling this is a puzzle piece in an upcoming piece of viral marketing yet to be released (plus it’s a cool collector’s item).

Here’s what you do to receive yours:

1.  Go to and register.  It’s free and you will need it for the next step.

2.  Go to and complete the puzzle before you.  You have to correctly guess the names to 56 arcade games.  try to do as many as possible on your own if you can before resorting to cheating, you may suprise yourself with how many you can correctly guess.  If you Google search for “ cheats” after that, I’m sure you will find a list of all the games to help you out if you really get stuck.

3.  Once you’ve completed all the games, follow the instructions and upload your photo to get your very own “forged” ENCOM employee ID badge (like mine in the photo).

I’ll throw a hint to all the smartphone users out there:  If you don’t already have a barcode scanner app on your phone, get one.  If you already have one on your iPhone or android phone, you’ll see something on your ID badge you may have scanned before with a barcode scanner!