The second poster for Disney's John Carter

The second poster for Disney's John Carter

In its debut weekend, Disney’s John Carter finished in second place at the box office.  The Lorax (now in its second week) topped the weekend at $39.1 million, while John Carter took in $30.6 million

Things could always change as the word starts to spread to others by those who have seen the film, but for a movie that reportedly cost $250 million to make, at this rate it would take some time to recover.

I’ll admit that where I haven’t yet seen the film, I fully intend to, but John Carter isn’t for everyone.  The movie has a PG-13 rating and isn’t going to be appropriate for younger children due to intense sequences of violence and action. I think the main problem here is that too many people have no idea what this film is about and that’s going to keep them from taking a chance on it.

We’ll keep an eye on it and see what the next week has in store for the movie and we’ll be sure to update you next Monday.

To help you out here, I’ve got a 10 minute scene from the movie below…