I’ve been collecting Funko Pops! vinyls for more than a few years now and my jaw dropped yesterday when I saw how invested they are with their new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 line.  The new product line features the GOTG crew not only as Funko Pop! but also as Dorbz, Hero Plushies, Pint Size Heroes, Pop! Keychains and Rock Candy.

Some of the product lines are newer, so we won’t fault ya if you haven’t heard of Hero Plushies or Rock Candy.  On the other hand, Funko Pop! are everywhere.  You might have seen a Pop! and not even realized what it was.  These are HUGE!  Some literally are huge, but more on that in a few minutes.

First up, Hero Plushies

Pretty self explanatory on this one.  Adorable stuffed (plush) versions of Star-Lord (masked), Rocket and Baby Groot with and without uniform.

Next we have Dorbz

They’re cute, nay, downright adorable!  Adorbs? Dorbz  The one consistent thing about these (besides the very ball-like heads) is the eyes and mouth.  They eyes are always squinting and the mouth is almost always grinning.

And now, Pint Size Heroes

Kind of a mash-up between a Dorbz and a Funko Pop! on these little fellas.  Looks like they’d go nicely on your desk at work, or even that bookshelf in your bedroom.

Here’s a few Pocket Pop! Keychains

Next we have a couple of Rock Candy figures to show you.

Launched in February 2016, Rock Candy is one of Funko’s newer lines.  They are always a female character and they have a very distinct style about them.

And finally, there are Funko Pop!

One thing to note about the Funko Pop is that some will be available at most retailers that sell them, while others can only be obtained from specific retailers.  These are usually indicated by a sticker placed on the clear window of the package that indicates it is an “exclusive” item to that store.  There’s also what’s called a “chase” Pop!  These are variants of some kind.  It’s a different take on an existing Pop! and even carries the same packaging and number as the original.  In the case of the Star-Lord “chase” above, he has his mask on.  The odds are supposed to be 1 in 6 for availability of a “chase” figure.  The problem with that is that it really doesn’t work out that way because a lot of store employees snatch them up before they even hit store shelves.  Adding to their own collection or reselling for a ridiculously marked up price.  Fortunately there is only one chase this time, but that doesn’t mean there might not be another wave of these later in the year.  I’m talkin about the obvious lack of a Yondu Funko Pop!

Also of note here is the 10″ Super Sized version of Baby Groot.  Because who doesn’t need one of those, right?

And for those of you wondering how large my collection of Funko Pop! figures has gotten, here’s a link to check it out.
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