Another report in a series of staff reductions in Disney Interactive’s workforce has surfaced.  Brighton, UK game developer Black Rock Studios.

No specific numbers have been released by Disney to confirm the number of affected Black Rock employees, but many sources say that as many as 100 staffers could be affected.  This would effectively reduce Black Rock’s staff down to about 40 people.

Remaining staff has been told they can continue work on their current (undisclosed) project but unfortunately, Disney hasn’t provided them with a new project to work on.
Black Rock is the studio behind the popular racing game Split/Second and they had a plan for a sequel to it.  They had actually started on pre-production work for Split/Second 2 but that was cancelled last December when management changes took place at Disney Interactive.

Last fall it was announced that Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was being scrapped. That game had been hyped up at last year’s E3 but when a layoff of about 200 employees at Propaganda Games (another Disney Interactive Studios division) happened last year, that game was cancelled.  The game would have been released this month to coincide with the release of the upcoming movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

At least we still have Lego Pirates of the Caribbean to look forward to, right?