Update:  Lucas Lowman has started a petition to Disney over at Change.org to revive TRON 3.  As of this update, the petition is at 24,602 supporters out of an initial 25,000 goal.  Click the link below to add your signature to the petition.  Be sure to share this with your “fellow programs” and let’s help that number grow!

2015-06-02 10_06_45-Walt Disney_ Revive Tron 3
Much sadness coming from “The Grid” tonight as we are hearing that Disney’s plans for a Tron 3 have reportedly come to a halt.

It seems not too long ago that we told you that Tron 3 was alleged to begin filming this fall in Vancouver Canada.  While we don’t yet know why, apparently Disney never officially greenlit the project, after all.

Things could always change, and it’s not unheard of that a scrapped project could come off the shelf later.  After all, Disney shelved Jerry Bruckheimer’s Lone Ranger film at one point and then decided a mere 6 months later to move forward with it, and we all know what a success that turned out to be.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter