I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I’d be saying this.

The buzz on the interwebs is that Disney’s about ready to give the go for the next big-screen TRON sequel (the sequel to the sequel).  “Legacy” is about to pass $300 million on its world-wide box office totals.  With a $170 million estimated budget, I’d say they not only made their money back, but they (or should I say we, the fans) proved that the sequel that many of us had heard rumors of for years not only was possible, but would introduce TRON to a whole new generation.  Combine that with my generation’s love for the original movie and you got yourself a formula for a new franchise.

We had already heard that there was another sequel (and tv series planned) but I’m sure the Disney execs wanted to see just how well the new TRON movie would do before officially announcing plans to move ahead and continuing the franchise.

TRON: Legacy will also be on this year’s list of confirmed 3D Blu-ray titles from Disney.  And we’re still waiting on that Blu-ray release of the original TRON.  Apparently original TRON director, Steven Lisberger, has told folks that he had spent about six weeks on the remastering process for a Blu-ray release of the original TRON.  There’s still no confirmed release date for that yet but I’m sure it’ll happen.

Unconfirmed yet is this image of “box art” for a TRON blu-ray release.  I’m not sure where this originally came from but my sources at Walt Disney Studios home Entertainment haven’t provided a cover or release date for it yet.