Yesterday (being day 1 of Comic-Con) there was a new TRON Legacy viral event with a scavenger hunt around the streets of San Diego and eventually gaining the winners admission to Flynn’s Arcade.

This is the third year that Flynn’s Arcade has returned to the San Diego Comic-Con and will be the last one before the December release of TRON Legacy.

This time, it looks like they recreated the arcade as we see it in the movie; years later, closed down with plastic tarps covering up all the arcade machines. As you’ll see in the video (shot by one of the attendees) there was a hidden room behind the TRON arcade game that was against the brick wall under the neon sign that says “Home of TRON”. The room was a pretty faithful recreation of the same one seen in the movie, complete with digitization ray. After a few minutes in this room, attendees were led down a hallway that went from there to the “End of the Line”. EOTL looks to be a very futuristic (styled after the world of TRON) dance club. It also appears that they got treated to the same 8 minute preview that attendees of the TRON Legacy panel at Comic-Con got to see earlier that day!

From what I hear, the arcade will be open tonight and tomorrow night as well. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

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