Viral marketing seems to be becoming the norm for Disney.

They did it with the vintage Lotso videos for Toy Story 3 (that looked like they were pulled from an old VHS commercial) and there was a HUGE viral marketing campaign called Flynn Lives surrounding TRON: Legacy.

They’re at it again with this YouTube video for Cars N’ Deals of Emeryville.

Notice the license plate on the red car Stu’s standing in front of? A113

It’s a long-standing running joke amongst animators who attended  CalArts.  I’m sure we’ll see it somewhere in the movie when Cars 2 is released since it’s been in every PIXAR movie to date.

Also, Emeryville, CA is where PIXAR Animation Studios is located.

There’s a few more hidden items in the video too.
Look at around the :56-:57 second mark in the video.  It looks like there’s a momentary glitch in the video.  Pause it and you’ll see something there that’s woth a look.

Also, the dealer’s phone number is a real number and if you call it you will get the answering machine/voicemail of the fictional car dealer!