James Hance paints and draws mash-ups of the things he loves.  Seems that a lot of the things he loves are a lot of the things we love…like Disney, and Pixar and Muppets, and Star Wars!

His latest mash-up creation features Carl and Ellie from Pixar’s Up! as Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Someone Who Loves You is now available to order as an 18″x12″ print from James’s website(s).

http://www.jameshance.com (US / Canada) and
http://www.jameshance.co.uk (UK / Europe)

If you’re on Facebook, I recommend going to his page and hitting the “like” button so you can keep up on the cool stuff he’s working on (as he’s working on it)!  Here’s the link to his page Art & Things & That By James Hance


"Someone Who Loves You" by James Hance