I’ve only seen the video once, but this was amazing enough that I needed to share with all of you immediately!

YouTube user Dsnedit (Daniel Navarrete) has put together an outstanding video comprised of over 30,000 still photographs that were taken at Disneyland over the course of a year.  The video is nearly five minutes in length (though I wanted more) and all the stills seem to animate a day at Disneyland and California Adventure Parks.

I like the fact that even though these were taken over a year, they were put together in a sequence that seems to suggest a single day at the parks.

I know that by definition, this isn’t what would be known as tilt-shift photography (which is also pretty cool) and I’m not sure if there’s a name for this what it is.  So, if anyone reading this knows what this would be known as (as a video or photographic art form) please feel free to let me know in the comments!