Disney posted to the the TRON Facebook page today the final piece to the 3-part TRON: Legacy triptych poster they started revealing on Tuesday.  They had previously said they would release the third part of this picture when their Facebook page got 200,000 “likes”.  They said this morning that they did, although when I looked, it still looks to be short of that.  I think they were just being nice and not keeping us waiting.

Part 1 was at MySpace on Tuesday 11/2
Part 2  was on Gizmodo on Wednesday 11/3
Part 3 on Facebook on Saturday 11/6

I put all 3 pieces together (with no seams inbetween) and it lends itself fairly nicely as a widescreen desktop wallpaper.  I made a 1600 x 900 wallpaper out of it but I had to put black bars at the top and bottom to make it work for that resolution.  The nice part is that my taskbar in Windows 7 almost covers the bottom black bar completely!  Anyway, it’s a pretty sweet wallpaper and you can click this link to download it from us here!  Please note that the images are ©Disney and I take no credit for it in any way.  I merely gave you all the “assembled” version and saved you some work there.

While you’re reading this and downloading that sweet wallpaper, tell a few of your friends about this site too!